3 Main Men in Scarlett Johansson’s Life

Amazing appearance of blonde Scarlett Johansson together with her talent and commitment led her to the top of Hollywood Olympus. In her private life there were many sudden turns of events and passionate affairs, but only three lovers of blonde Scarlett became the main men in her life.

Josh Hartnett

Famous handsome man and actor Josh Hartnett was a special part of young Scarlett’s heart over two years. Actors met while shooting of “The Black Orchid”. But youth and willingness to develop career didn’t let them to be together. After breakup Scarlett with sadness called Josh cute and stated that she was very happy with him.

Ryan Reynolds

Scarlett married Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds in 2007, but the actress Blake Lively became a reason of their divorce. Scarlett took it badly and couldn’t bring herself to trust men as before. Even after many years Scarlett feels pain and states that sometimes she was unbearable and capricious. Perhaps it drove Ryan the other girl’s arms.

Romain Dauriac

Though Scarlett’s marriage with Romain Dauriac lasted only a few years, French journalist can be considered the main man of Scarlett’s life for reason. He became a father of her wonderful daughter Rose. Scarlett and Romain are friends and help each other to look after their daughter.