3 Stars Who Are Famous for Nothing

When you hear the star’s name, you probably remember the films with him or her, video clip episodes or songs flash in memory. However, this rule, like many others, has a strange exception. Among famous all over the world celebrities there are those, who can put a dash in the field of personal achievements.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of those stars who is famous in fact, but not for a reason of her talent or any personal achievements. Like other members of Kardashian family, she used to live with cameras watching all the time and she gets commercial advantage from her every step.

Paris Hilton

The last movie, where Paris Hilton acted, came out long time ago – in 2010. But, like many other scenes with her involvement, it wasn’t successful. Even though the name of this star blonde is common to all, she can’t boast with anything but driving drunk and being a part of Hilton clan.

Lauren Hashian

The name Lauren Hashian today is common to many people. But only Dwayne Johnson’s fans can explain, who is she and what she is famous for. The thing is that Lauren is a companion of famous actor, who decided to compete with Donald Trump on the election, for several years. The girl positions herself as an actress and a singer, but even if to try very hard, it’s impossible to find her films and songs, because they don’t exist.