4 Actresses Who Don’t Look Their Age

You want to claim that it’s impossible when the real age of some Hollywood actresses’ becomes clear. Many of these famous women put their names into the world’s culture forever. They don’t stop gladden fans with their success.

Jane Fonda

At the presentation of her new sports clothing line Jane Fonda (born 1937) impressed audience with her thriving look. The actress, who recently celebrated her 80th birthday, is criticised for recoursing to expensive plastic surgeons. But is it possible to buy gleam in eyes, big smile and young flexibility?

Susan Sarandon

When she was 60, Susan (born 1946) got her first tattoos. Her age the actress calls just the numbers. Crossing the 70-years threshold, Susan is as good, as she was in her young days. Sleeping enough, eating delicious food and wearing a little of makeup is enough for her to look good.

Christie Brinkley

For the last 20 years the name of this beauty is among non-aging stars. Model and actress really looks much younger than she is. So it’s impossible to believe that Christie is 65 (born 1954). She states that sport and moderate nutrition are the main mean in fighting for staying young.

Monica Bellucci

It’s difficult to find at least one flaw in Monica’s appearance. Ruthless to many people time doesn’t even dare to touch her impeccable skin. Though the actress (born 1964) herself says that ageing is a natural biological process.