5 Hollywood Tone-Deaf Actresses Who Want to Sing So Much

Many Hollywood actresses never stop impressing their fans with beauty and talent. But some some of them should better stay away from singing. Even if they want to so much.

Paris Hilton

Socialite calls herself an actress, but she can’t boast with her achievements in acting. Among her merits there are only scandals and impressive parties. But her weak ability to sing became a laughing matter when Paris declared herself a DJ and a singer.

Kim Kardashian

As is known, TV-star also considers herself as an actress and is a steady guest of different pop-shows. In 2010 absence of musical ear and voice couldn’t stop Kim to record Jam single. In comparison with other bold Kim’s projects, this musical experiment didn’t bring her expected profit.

Lindsay Lohan

Once Li Lo released several records, but then wisely abandoned musical career developing. Actress got enough wits to realize that she can’t be a popstar without musical talents.

Scarlett Johansson

The record of 2018, which Scarlett released cooperating with Pete Yorn, deserved popular reviews. Some musical critics suspect that actress’s voice was carefully improved. And those who heard Scarlett’s live singing prove, that she can’t boast with her delicate ear of music.

Helena Bonham Carter

Famous actress’s companion filmmaker Tim Burton believes that singing talent isn’t necessary in musicals. However, neither audience nor film critics agree with director and laughed out Helena Bonham Carter’s irrelevance in the movie “Sweeney Todd”.