Stars Over 40 Who Can Afford Not to Wear Makeup

While looking through glossy photos many people don’t realize, how film stars really look like in ordinary life. Artfully put by their helpers makeup and photoshop can turn any plain girl into the real Queen. However, among Hollywood actresses there are those, who can do without makeup and still stay so pretty.

Jennifer Aniston

To stay young Jennifer Aniston does sport, tries to avoid stressful situations and eats healthy placental chips. Ageless star of sitcom “Friends” doesn’t mind to go out without makeup. Though natural Jennifer is not so bright, as in glossy magazines, without lots of cosmetics she looks even better.

Tilda Swinton

In her daily life Tilda Swinton doesn’t use makeup at all. Enthusiastic fans say that Tilda’s appearance make her look like elf or even alien. Her delicate face features, unusual eye shape and absence of wrinkles really turn her into the fiction alien princess.

Heidi Klum

Hot supermodel Heidi is considered to be one of the main beauties in the world. After posting her photos without makeup Heidi has got lots of compliments about her impeccable skin condition and young gleam in her sight.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet can also boast with absence of wrinkles and her good face oval. British film star’s proudness is her porcelain skin, after which she properly cares by letting it “breathe” without makeup.