3 Famous Men Who Like Plump Ladies

Standards of glossy magazines go on promoting typical 90-60-90 in spite of regular critics. Coming out with a long-legged model is common. But some famous men aren’t scared of claiming loud and clear about their love to plump ladies.

Pierce Brosnan

One of the most charming 007 agents is happily married with Keely Shaye Smith. Always smiling brown hair girl was slim before, but after her sons’ birth she became plump. Pierce’s fans think that in comparison with her handsome husband TV anchorperson looks a bit unsporty. But it looks like he likes his appearance even with extra weight. Mass-media often publishes photos of the star couple and criticizes Keely because she doesn’t look after herself.

Ben Falcone

Among Ben Falcone’s achievements there are dozens of roles in good episodes and success in filmmaking area. Since 2005 Ben is married with Melissa McCarthy who is considered to be one of the most successful fatties in Hollywood. Being 157 centimeters tall the actress weighs about 100 kilograms. Melissa never was slim, but besides her attractive curves she attracts Ben with her sense of humor and virtues of the heart.


People can hardly say that the most powerful musician in the world’s wife is fat. But they also can’t say that Beyonce is slim. After the birth of two children Beyonce’s body got even more plump siluet. But the singer isn’t shy of her plump hips and prefers to wear skimpy outfits. The gentle glance with which Mr Carter is looking at his wife during walks proves that he is glad with her appearance.