4 Actresses Who Became Mothers Under 20 Years Old

People say that early motherhood doesn’t contribute to the career development. However, many famous women with their success stories prove otherwise.

Aretha Franklin

The youngest mothers among famous women is Aretha Franklin, who died in 2018. The legendary singer became a mother being 12 years old, the child’s father was her classmate. The second son was born in three years, his father was another classmate of the future star. Neither cruel father, who turned her life into hell, nor early motherhood, problems with alcohol and personal failings couldn’t become a difficulty on Aretha’s way to musical peaks.

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Illegitimate daughter of Oberyn Martell from saga “Games of Thrones” – magnificent Obara Sand with her strong character is the best work of Keisha Castle-Hughes in the whole filmography area. The character and abilities to accomplish certain aims definitely relates the actress with her heroine. The actress became a mother when she was hardly 17 years old, but she didn’t marry the father of her son.

Whoopi Goldberg

Getting all the most prestigious film awards in the world, actress with black skin gave birth to her daughter when she was 18. Whoopi’s sense of humor, her insolence and non-standard beauty became not only the elements of her huge success, but also captured the hearts of many famous actors, among which there are the names of Timothy Dalton and Frank Langella both.

Sofia Vergara

That’s interesting that according to the Forbes information Sofia Vergara became the most high-paid TV anchorperson in 2018. In the age of 19 Sophia gave birth to her son. And in two years she divorced with his father, that didn’t bother the beauty to develop the stunning career.