4 Famous Actresses Who Stopped Shining Near Their Husbands

Many actors, whose names make female fans feel the arrhythmia attack, met their fiancees on a movie set. In spite of the fact that they still develop their career, their popularity is miserable in comparison with the fame of their star husbands.

Sophie Hunter

Slim and raven-haired Sophie is a British actress and filmmaker. Though she has dozens of roles in famous TV shows in her filmography, people could hardly name at least one of them. Unfortunately Sophie went down in history not as an actress, but as the wife of aristocratic Benedict Cumberbatch and the mother of his two children.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

In the shadow of star husband’s shine faded the fame of Jada Pinkett-Smith. It’s not surprising because her husband is Will Smith. Even after becoming a mother of three children Jada didn’t stop appearing in movies, but how can her popularity be compared with the fame of Will Smith?

Charlotte Riley

During the survey in drama “Wuthering Heights” a promising actress Charlotte Riley met Tom Hardy. The acquaintance of the two actors became the beginning of their relations, but also the end of Charlotte’s career. From time to time the actress plays easy roles in small episodes. But her main role is to be a gorgeous wife of Tom Hardy and a mother of his sons.

Lisa Bonet

In the 80-th a whole half of the planet spelled her name with holding their breath. In spite of this fact Lisa Bonet was destined to be not a star, but a star’s wife. The first Lisa’s husband, who noticed her popularity, was Lenny Kravitz, and the second – Jason Momoa. And, though the actress goes on acting, Lisa states that she doesn’t aim to bring back the days of glory at all.