5 Famous Hollywood Atheists

Accepting the undoubted rule for freedom of religion, many Hollywood actors found their courage to state that they don’t believe in God’s existence and refuse the life after death.

Julianne Moore

Redhead owner of Oscar completely lost her faith after her mother’s death. The actress started to think about the existence of God and his mercy in early age. Julianne couldn’t understand how God can allow people to suffer so much. And the premature death of the close person proved her there is no anyone “there above”.

Javier Bardem

Like Julianne, famous Spanish man also can’t forgive the death of his close person. Parents brought up Javier in Catholic faith, but he physically proclaimed himself as an atheist after his father’s death. “There is nothing after death and everyone should accept it and learn to appreciate every moment of his life”, says the actor.

Morgan Freeman

From the actor’s words he was always sure that weak people made up the conception of God to find justifications of their failures. “There is no any God-creator, every person creates his fate himself”, states Morgan Freeman.

Jodie Foster

High level of intelligence and analytical mind didn’t allow Jodie to become a person of faith. “Religion starts in the place where the knowledge is over”, repeats the Lord Disraeli’s statement Jodie.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel is the fan of the main British atheist Richard Dawkins. But in company with his idol the actor accepts that faith is a free right of any person. So he doesn’t criticize the people of faith.