The Most Tragic and Shocking Deaths in “Game of Thrones”

The legendary project was impressing audience during all the 8 seasons by the amount and sophisticated cruelty of deaths. Fans of the series watched the thousands of characters’ loss. But some of the deaths they remember as the most tragic ones.

Eddard Stark

According to the charge of treason the character of Shaun Bean, declared as the crucial, was beheaded in season one. As shocking and tragic his loss was, as honest Ned Stark was himself.

Becoming the victim of Petyr Baelish’s treacherous betrayal, whose character brilliantly showed Aidan Gillen, the Lord of Winterfellgave up the throne. Noble Eddard Stark was executed in front of the crowd. Among watching people there was his daughter Arya.

Shireen Baratheon

Shireen was as though highlighted by an evil rock and looked sad even at the moments of smiling. In season five the only daughter of Selisa Florent and Stannis Baratheon was burnt alive on fire.

People sacrificed young princess for the Lord of Light. Burning of Shireen horrified the audience. Even those, who position themselves as not impressionable people, dreamt a lot of the poor girl screaming and begging parents-killers to help her.

Khal Drogo

Not a serious wound and gullibility of Daenerys led to the death of the most contradictory saga’s character – Khal Drogo. Old Mother poisoned Jason Momoa’s character, but after death she resurrected him, giving Daenerys back not her husband, but only his body projection. It was painful for her to see the ghost, into which her husband turned, so she killed him by smothering with a pillow.