5 Most Unprofitable Films in the World

Cutthroat Island

Not a lot of people remember the action film about pirates of 1995. If somebody talks about it, then only as about a big fail. After the release the movie has been extremely criticized. The audience was avoiding the project. As a result, about 10 million dollars were hardly collected during the premier. While filmmakers spent about 115 million dollars to create this project. So they lost about 105.

Mars Needs Moms

According to Zoomboola, this animated film appeared on big screens in 2011. Famous to many people Robert Zemeckis was producing it. And even his attempts were not enough to bring back all the investments, not to talk about earnings. The budget of the most unprofitable animated film was about 150 million dollars, while it could get only 39 then. The total loss was about 111 million dollars.

The Alamo

In 2004 film director Joe Lee Hancock created an expensive remake of the movie of 1960 with the same name. All the Disney team was working on the project, so the budget of $137 million didn’t surprise anyone. Though the results of this investment made studio bosses rather confused. During the entire premier it got less than $26 million. So the loss was about 111 m.d.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

A famous film of 2002 with Eddie Murphy in the leading part had an interesting idea, but it’s bringing to life was really unsuccessful. This fantastic film cost about 130 million dollars to the directors, taking an account of the advertising expenditures. The film was failed during the premier and wasn’t able to bring back even 10% of the investments.

The 13th Warrior

The film of 1999 with Anthony Banderas in the leading part. The project was particularly based on the romance of the writer Michael Creighton, who was rooting against the release. As a result, the movie was waiting for a year and a half before it could be finally released on big screens. Directors lost 185 million dollars to create it and the project could bring back only 60. So the loss is $25 million.