Meghan Markle’s Friends Revealed How She Spends Her Time in the USA

Earlier this year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they want to relinquish their royal duties and leave the UK. In January, they have moved to Canada and then settled in Los Angeles. On March 31, the couple has officially said goodbye to their statuses of royal highnesses.

Due to Meghan’s high demands, filmmakers do not make her any offers. Seems like she is not going to star in A-list movies in the near future. Moreover, the Sussexes are having problems with their new charitable foundation. The authorities simply refused to register it. At first, it turned out that the activities that the fund would be engaged in were too vague. Later, it turned out that Meghan and Harry have not paid the necessary legal fees.

Therefore, instead of walking the red carpets, Meghan Markle leaves her house only to walk with his son or participate in charity events. Recently, she delivered food to the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Megan’s acquaintances in Los Angeles told the Daily Mail how she spends her time in Hollywood.

According to Zoomboola, Harry and she hardly leave their house. They cook food by themselves and send their guards to buy food. They turned into couch potatoes. They enjoy doing yoga together, walk the dogs, and watch TV. Harry seems depressed by this situation.